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Order NumberTitleCommentsStatusDateBook/Page
1973-04Termination of Directive in Order of May 11, 1972 with regard to compliance with Rule 1.080 (h)inactive1/24/19733155/851
1977-59Deleting Administrative Order # 76-30 & Amending Administrative Order # 76-23Terminates AOs 76-30 & 76-23inactive12/9/19773155/967
1979-17In re Sealing of Deposition Transcriptions in Civil and Criminal Cases1st DCA set aside this AO.inactive5/17/19794080/2082
1980-08Order Rescinding Administrative Orders 1979-31 & 1980-02Terminates AOs 1980-02 & 1979-31inactive3/20/19803157/487
1985-07Rescinding Administrative Order 85-06inactive11/19/19853157/831
1985-08Rescinding Administrative Order Number 77-5inactive2/13/19853162/2103
1985-09Termination of Fraser Munroe-Smith as Deputy Official Court Reporterinactive2/22/19853162/2104
1986-02Re: Rescinding Administrative Order 85-05, Continuances - Criminal & Traffic DivisionsTerminates AO 85-05inactive6/16/19863157/835
1986-31Order Rescinding Administrative Order 1986-21inactive5/20/19863149/2009
1986-34Termination of Gomia & Associates as Deputy Court Reportersinactive7/1/19863162/2107
1989-004Court Reporter Fees & Compensation, Rescinding Administrative Order # 1988-87inactive1/31/19893150/1481
1990-02 (Local Rule)Court Divisions & Assignment of CasesLocal rule terminatedinactive3/17/20053260/445
1990-06Termination of Orders Having General Administrative Applicationinactive2/2/19903153/925
1991-01Termination of Administrative Order # 90-13 Motion Practice Proceduresinactive4/25/19913155/721
1994-06Termination of Administrative Order # 90-13, Leon County Family Mediation Projectinactive4/22/19943155/836
1994-T1Termination of Administrative Order # 89-61, Prisoner PetitionsTerminates AO 89-61inactive5/23/19943155/843
1995-T1Termination of Orders Having General Administrative ApplicationTerminates 55 listed AOsinactive5/9/19952954/844
1995-T12In Re: Termination of AO 95-12, Divorce Class for ChildrenTerminates AO 95-12inactive8/16/20012543/1891
1995-T2Termination of Orders Having General Administrative ApplicationTerminates AO 88-61inactive8/30/19952015/855
1997-11Public Defender Fees, Costs & Liens, and Vacation and Termination of Administrative Order 95-08 Relating to Public Defender Liens (terminates AO 95-08)active8/25/19972042/2134
1999-T1Termination of Administrative Order 98-05Terminated AO 98-05inactive2/16/19992219/1472
1999-T2Termination of Administrative Order 99-01Terminated AO 99-01inactive3/29/19992234/512
2001-09Termination of Administrative Order 2001-05inactive10/17/20012568/1174
2003-08Uniform Bond Schedule & Procedures for Setting Bondinactive6/25/20032897/2146
2003-08 (1st Amendment)Uniform Bond Schedule & Procedures for Setting Bondinactive8/24/20043156/2199
2003-08 (2nd Amendment)Uniform Bond Schedule & Procedures for Setting Bondinactive10/6/20053386/217
2003-10Pretrial Release in Leon CountyTerminated by AO 2006-02 and amendments.inactive6/25/20032897/2152
2004-04Sexual Harassment Policy & Complaint Procedures Against Judges inactive5/25/20043105/508
2004-06Termination of Administrative Order 2002-15, Affidavit and Application for Appointment of Public Defender, and Administrative Orders 2004- 03 and 2004-03A, Guidelines for Determining Entitlement to Insolvency in Civil Casesinactive7/16/20043126/1914
2004-T1In Re: Termination of Administrative Orders Having General Administrative Application (1994- 01, 1999-04, 2000-06, and 2001-01 and its amendments)Terminated AOs 1994-01, 1999-04, 2006-01 & 2001-01 (and amendments)inactive10/14/20043182/881
2005-08Termination of Administrative Orders 1999-03; 2002-08; 2002-08A; and 2002-13 (all relating to the Family Law Assistance Program)inactive11/23/20053413/1092
2006-02Uniform Bond Schedule & Pretrial Release Procedures, Second Judicial Circuit, Florida inactive1/23/20063444/677
2008-06In Re: Termination of Administrative Order 1997- 08: In re: Amended Uniform Accounting & Distribution Reference Guidge of Fines & Costs in the Second Judicial Circuit of Florida active6/26/20083875/1336
2008-08In Re: Termination of Administrative Order 2002- 02: IN RE: Disbursement of Court Ordered Restitution Paymentsinactive7/10/20083880/754
2016-03In Re: Circuit & County Judge Assignmentsinactive3/22/20164908/196
2017-08 FIrst AmendmentJuvenile Dependency Cases During Hurricane IrmaOrder Terminatingactive10/5/20175117/808