The Clerk's Low Bono Center

Named in honor of the Honorable Nikki A. Clark, former Leon County Circuit Judge and Florida 1st District Court of Appeals Judge, the Low Bono Center was created to provide customers with limited legal guidance and low-cost attorney consultations. The Center is an expansion of the Leon County Clerk's self-help services developed to help citizens who either don't have a lawyer or cannot afford one.

Attorney consultations are available and may be scheduled in 15-minute sessions, for up to 1 hour per day, per person. The cost for an attorney consultation is $1 per minute.

The Low Bono Center is a collaborative partnership between the Tallahassee Bar Association and the Clerk's Office. All attorneys are referred by the Tallahassee Bar Association. Note, the attorneys that provide legal assistance at the Low Bono Center cannot represent you in court.

Refunds will not be issued for cancelled or missed appointments - no exceptions. Once set, appointment times may not be changed. To learn more contact us at or call (850) 606-4091.

The Self Help Center will assist only with the following case types:

  • Family Law (excluding restraining orders)
    • Child Custody/Child Support
    • Divorce
    • Paternity
    • And more
  • Small Claims
  • Residential Evictions

Services include:

  • Attorney consultations
  • Form completion assistance
  • Notary and copy services

**The services provided are not based on income.**

Locations and Hours

Leon County Courthouse
301 S. Monroe Street
Room #100Q
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Hours of Operation: Mon—Fri: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Low-Bono Center Attorney Consultation

The Low Bono Center is a collaborative partnership between the Tallahassee Bar Association and the Leon County Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller Office. All attorneys are referred by the Tallahassee Bar Association.

The Low Bono Center provides the public with legal resources, including forms, copy services and attorney consultations. These services provide resources to individuals who are acting on their own behalf in certain civil court cases, without attorney representation, known as "Pro Se" litigants. To learn more about self help services and attorney consultations through the Low Bono Center please email or call (850) 606-4091.

The Low Bono Center services are available to all persons who are or will be parties to a Family Law case, a Residential Landlord/Tenant case (Non-Payment Rent only), or a Small Claims case (Not for injunctions, criminal, traffic, expungement, guardianship, probate, real property, foreclosures, commercial landlord/tenant, civil claims over $8,000, appeals, bankruptcy, federal case, etc.) and are not already represented by an attorney.

A notice and disclosure form must be completed and turned in to initiate service. Click here to download.

The information that you give to and receive from Self Help Center personnel is NOT confidential and may be subject to disclosure at a later date. If another person involved in your case seeks assistance from this center, that person will be given the same type of assistance you receive.

Consulting with the Low-Bono Center attorney is limited to assistance with court-approved forms and procedural information. Meeting with a Low-Bono Center attorney is not intended to establish an attorney-client relationship. If more detailed legal assistance is required, it is best to consult with your own attorney.

Attorney appointments may only be scheduled for a minimum of 15 minutes to a maximum of one hour. All appointments must be scheduled in 15-minute increments, i.e., 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes at a rate of $1 (one dollar) per minute, therefore payments will be $15, $30, $45 or $60 accordingly.

Attorney consultation fees must be paid at the time the appointment is scheduled. When making appointments online, you will need to pay by credit card. If you need to pay for an appointment by cash, check, or money order, you will need to come into one of our offices to schedule your appointment. Refunds will not be issued for cancelled or missed appointments. Appointment times may not be changed once set.

Accepted Forms of Payment

The Self-Service Center accepts the below forms of payment.

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Money order
  • Cashier's check

Legal Forms

Some legal forms are available free online or through TurboCourt, an interactive online program. Other forms may be purchased from our Self-Help Service and Low Bono Center.

Many forms can also be download from the Office of Florida State Courts

It is important to include your name, address and telephone number on every document you file with the court.

TurboCourt Online Forms

TurboCourt is an interactive online program that assists the public in completing the Supreme Court approved legal forms to be filed with the court. This is a Do-it-Yourself electronic forms service (for a fee) and does not require a lawyer.

Civil Forms Packets

Civil Forms Packets may be purchased from our Self-Service Centers. These form packets include instructions such as how many copies are needed, where to take the forms and what the next steps are. Please note, not all forms may be necessary for every type of action. Prices range from $1 to $20, and they may be purchased at any Self-Help Service and Low Bono Center locations or by email at or by calling (850) 606-4091.

Available Form Packets and Prices

Notice of Confidential Information Within Court Filing

Any court filings made in a Florida court that contain confidential information must be accompanied by a Notice of Confidential Information – a form that lists exemptions to public records laws, including adoption records, Social Security or bank account numbers, HIV test results or information identifying victims of sexual offenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does "PRO SE" mean?

"Pro se" means "for oneself" or, "on one's own behalf", a pro se litigant is a party who is not represented by an attorney.

With which legal areas may the clerk's Low Bono Center assist?

The Clerk is statutorily authorized to assist in Family Law, Small Claims actions and Landlord/Tenant issues.

Will the Low Bono Center Attorney Represent Me in Court?

No. The attorneys will only assist with the Florida Bar pro se forms and aid in the understanding of the overall legal process. They will assist with any pleadings the person has received. They cannot represent people in Court.

How do I schedule an appointment with an attorney?

Appointments may be scheduled by visiting the Schedule Appointment tab on this page. Appointments may also be made by phone at (850) 606-4091 or by email at

Is an appointment necessary?

Yes. Appointments can be made online, by email or phone. Appointments may also be made in-person subject to availability

Will I be able to receive a refund if I miss my appointment?

No, refunds will only be given in extreme circumstances at the discretion of Clerk staff.

Can I purchase or download forms without having to meet an attorney?

Yes. All forms/packets are available for sale at a reasonable price. You may also download them at no cost from this site. A complete list of forms and packets may be found here.

Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public-records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity.