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Important Notice Regarding Court Forms

These forms are provided at no cost as a courtesy to our customers. We encourage electronic filing (efiling) of all court-related forms for the efficiency of all concerned. For efilers, there are no trips to the courthouse, looking for parking, etc.; and for our office, we can process the work faster because of automated processes.

We encourage all efilers to visit and click on the Help tab for assistance in efiling; the site provides Frequently Asked Questions, manuals, and videos. If you have not registered for an account, you can do so on the site. When you are ready to efile in Leon County, make sure to read the News Feed at the top for local practice items like proposed orders.

Attorneys: Civil efiling became mandatory in April 2013, and criminal efiling became mandatory in October 2013.

Self-Represented/Pro Se Litigants: Since June 2014, the statewide efiling portal permits pro se litigants to efile.

Law Enforcement, Mental Health Professionals, Process Servers, Mediators, and Court Reporters: In October 2014, the portal will provide access to efiling for this group.


Pro Se Appellate Handbook

Circuit Civil

Affidavit of Diligent Search
Circuit Civil Final Judgment
image  Civil Cover Sheet
Civil Fact Information Sheet
Civil Indigence Application
Claim of Exemption and Request for Hearing
Collecting a Judgment
Continuing Writ of Garnishment
Final Disposition Form
Information Concerning Medical Negligence Suits
Information on Parties in a Civil Case
Motion for Continuing Writ of Garnishment
Motion for Writ of Garnishment
Notice of Lis Pendens
Satisfaction of Judgment Circuit Court
Uniform Order for Active, Differential Civil Case Management
Writ of Garnishment

County Civil/Small Claims

Civil Fact Information Sheet
Civil Indigence Application
Collecting a Judgment
County Civil Cover Sheet
County Civil Final Judgment

Garnishment Information on Parties in a Civil Case
Satisfaction of Judgment County Court
Small Claims Uniform Order for Active, Differential Civil Case Management

County / Circuit Criminal

Application for Exoneration
Bail Bond Agent Forms
Criminal General Motion
Marsy's Motion to Protect Victim Information
Notice of Confidential Crime Victim Information within Court Filing

Circuit Probation forms

Criminal Indigence Application
Expunge & Seal forms -

Court-Ordered Payments (COP) Program

Community Service Information
COP Brochure
Court Ordered Payments Application / Financial Affidavit
Information Sheet

Domestic Partnership Registry

Domestic Partnership Registration Affidavit
Affidavit for Termination of Registered Domestic Partnership - two partners signing
Affidavit for Termination of Registered Domestic Partnership - one partner signing
Affidavit for Amendment - for legal name change

Family Law (click here for the Florida Supreme Court Family Court Self-Help Center)

Affidavit of Direct Payments for NON-IV (DOR) cases
Civil Indigence Application
Family Law Handbook
Kinship Care Legal Handbook: A Guide for Relative Caregivers
Name Change Information
Party Information Sheet
Petition for Annulment of Marriage
Pro Se Case Management
Pro Se Litigant Information
Pro Se Litigant Packets
Where Can I Find Resources and Assistance?
Which Packet of Family Law Forms is Right for Me?

Request for Child Support Audit
Request to Initiate Suspension of Driver's License and Motor Vehicle Registration
Respondent Information Sheet for Injunctions
SDU Direct Deposit

Foreclosure/Real Property

Foreclosure Judgment
Motion to Reschedule Foreclosure Sale
Owner Claim for Mortgage Foreclosure Surplus
Value of Real Property or Mortgage Foreclosure Claim

General Court Forms

Acceptance and Waiver of Service
Certificate of Service
Debtors' Rights in Florida
Designation of Current Mailing and Email Address
Designation of Email Address
Florida Rules of Court
General Motion (Civil)
Motion and Order to Access Confidential, Sealed or Expunged Case or Record
Motion and Order to Determine the Confidentiality of Trial Court Records
Motion for Default
Notice of Change of Address or Mail Address
Notice of Collection of SSNs
Notice of Confidential Information within Court Filing
Notice of Hearing
Notice of Voluntary Dismissal
Powers of Attorney
Request for Copy Charge Exemption
Request to be Excused from Email Service
Records Request / Request for Copies
Witness Subpoena


Accounting of Guardian Property
Civil Indigence Application
Florida's 2nd Judicial Circuit Examining Committee Members
Guardianship in Florida
Instructions and Petition for Vulnerable Adult Injunction
Order Appointing Examining Committee
Report of the Examining Committee
Supreme Court Guardianship Forms

Help Center

Help Center - Click here to view information and services available in our courthouse Help Center

Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile Delinquency Benchbook
Juvenile Seal & Expunge Instructions
FAQs: Sealing & Expunging Criminal History Records in Florida
FDLE Seal & Expunge Forms, FAQs, & Instructions
Juvenile Expunge Packet
Juvenile Seal Packet

Juvenile Dependency

A Caregiver's Guide to Dependency Court
Dependency Benchbook
Dependency/TPR Indigence Packet


Marriage Application Form

Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Incapacity Check List
Petition and Affidavit Seeking Ex Parte Order Requiring Involuntary Examination - Baker Act
Petition and Affidavit Seeking Involuntary Substance Abuse Assessment and Stabilization - Marchman Act
Petition for Involuntary Treatment (if seeking long term treatment, this Petition can be filed after the Respondent has been assessed at the facility for the Marchman Act)

Miscellaneous Forms

Attorney Pick-Up Box Agreement
Instructions for Opening an Escrow Account
Request for Access to Subscription Judicial Website
Request for Access to Subscription Reports Website

Official Records

Cancellation of Lien
Claim of Lien
Declaration of Domicile
Notice of Commencement
Notice of Contest to Lien
Quit Claim Deed
Request for Redaction of Exempt Personal Information from Non-Judicial Public Records
Request for Removal of DD-214 (Military Discharge Certificate) from the Public Web-site
Request for Removal of Social Security, Bank, Credit Card, or Debit Numbers from Public Records
Request for Veteran's Discharge Removal from Official Record
Request to Release Exempt Status of Home Address
Request to Release Protected Decedent's Removed Information
Request to Release Redacted Information on Recorded Documents - Party
Request To Release Redacted Information on Recorded Documents - Title Search
Satisfaction of Mortgage
Subscription Site Agreement for Electronic Access to Official Record Images
Warranty Deed


Affidavit of Heirs
Checklist for Closing Estate
Checklist for Opening Estate
Civil Indigence Application
Disposition of Personal Property Waiver & Consent
Disposition of Personal Property Without Administration Instructions
Disposition of Personal Property Without Administration - Verified Statement
Disposition of Personal Property Proposed Order
List of Probate Forms
Living Wills
Probate in Florida
Revocable Trusts in Florida
Statement of Claim
Summary Administration Checklist
Summary Administration Joinder Consent and Waiver Form

Tax Deed Sales

Affidavit to Claim Surplus Proceeds of Tax Deed Sale


Domestic Violence Protection
Dissolution Of Marriage With Children
Dissolution Of Marriage Without Children
Landlord-Tenant Disputes
Small Claims


Affidavit of Defense
Affidavit of Required Proof for Registration and/or Insurance
Affidavit Option
Community Service Information
County Criminal Motion
Election Affidavit (Traffic Ticket Options)
Financial Affidavit
Florida DHSMV Handbooks - Driver, CDL and Motorcycle
Infraction Arraignment Information
Infraction Motion
Pet Option Form
Request for Partial Payment of Civil Infraction