To search for information relating to the identity of a respondent against whom a final judgment for injunction for the protection of a minor, you will need to follow these search steps:

  1. Go to Search Official Records
  2. Accept the disclaimer
  3. Click the "Instrument Code" selection box, scroll down and click "INM - INJUNCTION FOR MINOR" code type to add it to your search criteria.
  4. Enter name search criteria. Last Name, First Name
  5. Enter the recording date; or date range if you have this information
  6. Then click on the search button.
The document(s) that matched your search criteria will be listed with the indexed data provided. An image of the document is not viewable per Florida Statute 28.2221.

Request to Add Information from a Final Judgment for Injunction for Protection of Minor to Public Website

Any affected person that has an injunction recorded prior to July 1, 2024 that does not show when searched as "INM - INJUNCTION FOR MINOR" code type, has the right to request that the Leon County Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller's office to add the information to the clerk's website if the information involves the identity of a respondent against whom a final judgment for an injunction for the protection of a minor under s. 741.30, s. 784.046, or s. 784.0485, F.S. is entered, unless the respondent is a minor. The request must be in writing and contain the case number. Requests can be submitted by one of the following options:

Email from our Contact Us page

Leon County Clerk & Comptroller's Office
ATTN: Official Records
301 S. Monroe Street, #100
Tallahassee, Fl 32301

In Person: