Duties And Business Principles Of The Clerk's Office

As Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller
  1. Attend each session of court
  2. File indictments, information and verdicts
  3. Process all civil and criminal cases
  4. Prepare appellate records
  5. Oversee jury management
  6. Collect and disburse fines, court costs, forfeitures, fees, and service charges.
  7. Conduct mortgage foreclosure sales
  8. Maintain custody of all evidence and exhibits entered by the court
  9. Assist in completing paperwork required to file a small claims action
  10. Maintain custody of all court records
  11. Issue Process
  12. Maintain court registry
  13. Audit guardianship reports
  14. Audit child support payments
As Recorder of Deeds
  1. Record and index deeds, mortgages, and descriptions of all county property
  2. Process tax deed applications and conduct sales
  3. Record public defender liens and judgments entered by the court, record tax liens and claims against an estate, instruments of conveyance, agreements, contracts, maps and plats of subdivisions and surveys
  4. Maintain a public records library
  5. Collect and disburse intangible taxes
  6. Collect and disburse documentary stamp monies
As Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners
  1. Attend meetings of the Board of County Commissioners and committees of the board
  2. Produce, record, index and distribute the official minutes of these meetings
  3. Maintain legal custody of the Official County Seal
  4. Maintain custody of all county resolutions, ordinances, and contracts
  5. Process appeals for Value Adjustment Board
  6. Attestation
As Accountant and Custodian of County Funds
  1. Provide accounting services to all departments under the Board of County Commissioners
  2. Provide an accounting system for all fiscal changes implemented by the Board
  3. Handle investments of available county funds
  4. Provide financial reporting to the Board and all federal and state agencies
  5. Process accounts payable
  6. Process the county payroll
As County Auditor
  1. Pre-audit all county expenditures before payment
  2. Review proposed contracts before adoption
  3. Conduct internal post audits to determine if financial controls in place are sufficient
  4. Prepare reports suggesting improvements to management
Other Duties of the Clerk
  1. Process marriage license applications and perform marriages upon request
  2. Compile and provide statistical data for state agencies and the judiciary
  3. Maintain records storage facilities
  4. Process passport applications and take photographs for this process
  5. Issue home solicitation permits
Business Principles
  1. We recognize that we are here to meet the needs of citizens and customers and therefore their interests come first.
  2. We strive to anticipate the rapidly changing needs of our customers and will amend our practices and services to meet those needs.
  3. We will deliver high quality services in the most effective, efficient manner.
  4. We take great pride in the professional quality of our work. We stress creativity and imagination in everything we do. While recognizing that "the old way" may still be the best, we constantly challenge this assertion and strive to find a better solution.
  5. We will provide opportunities and encouragement to improve and develop new skills, and to participate with peers in professional development.
  6. We recognize that our greatest asset is our staff, and we will treat each other fairly, honestly, and with respect.
  7. We will communicate clearly, timely and effectively with each other, and keep each other fully informed of changes that occur in the office.
  8. We value diversity of opinions and desire to create an environment in which everyone is free to present constructive ideas and suggestions without fear.
  9. We stress teamwork in everything we do and recognize that a team member is one who accepts the goals and objectives of the organization and accepts responsibility for accomplishing them.
  10. We support the recruitment and retention of the best person for every job. Advancement in the office will depend on ability, performance, and contribution to the organization's success without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or any other unrelated factor.
  11. We believe it is each individual's responsibility to help in creating and maintaining an environment that is pleasant, supportive, and enjoyable.
  12. We are dedicated to complying fully with both the letter and spirit of the law, regulations, policies, and ethical standards that govern us.