Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile handles delinquency cases involving children under the age of 18, and works closely with the Department of Juvenile Justice, the Judiciary, State Attorneys, Public Defenders, and law enforcement agencies. The division dockets all cases, attends court hearings, and maintains all of the required court records. Juvenile records are maintained as confidential under Florida law..

Forms and Assistance

Juvenile Delinquency Benchbook
Juvenile Seal & Expunge Instructions
FAQs: Sealing & Expunging Criminal History Records in Florida
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Juvenile Expunge Packet
Juvenile Seal Packet

Juvenile Delinquency FAQ'S (850) 606-4120

Do all arrested juveniles automatically go to the JAC? And are they detained there until their hearings?

No. If the child meets the criteria to be detained securely, he/she is transported to the Leon Regional Juvenile Detention Center http://www.djj.state.fl.us/programs-facilities/detention-centers until the detention hearing is held and the court determines detention status. If the child does not meet the criteria to be detained, the child will be released to the proper custodian with a written notice to appear before the juvenile judge at a later date.

How do I find out about my child's charges?

Juvenile case information is confidential and cannot be discussed over the telephone. With proper identification, parties authorized to have access to the court file, i.e., parents, legal guardian, child and his/her attorney, can visit the Clerk's Office located in the Leon County Courthouse, 301 South Monroe

How do I find out if my child has been arrested?

  • Contact the Leon County Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC) at (850) 574-8814 or visit this website http://www.discvillage.com/juvenileJAC.html.
  • The JAC is a centralized processing, referral, and evaluation center for all juveniles arrested in this area. The facility includes a Truancy Center, Civil Citation (diversion) Program, Central Booking and Intake, Assessment and Referral, Case Management, and a comprehensive Management Information System.

If I have a Juvenile record, how can I receive a copy?

Our office will perform a record search for a fee, if you have proper identification. You may also get photocopies for a fee. Click here for our fee schedule.

What can I do to get help for my child, if he/she is at risk of entering the Juvenile Justice system?

Visit this website http://www.ccys.org/ or call Capital City Youth Service at (850) 576-6000.

What is Juvenile delinquency?

Juvenile delinquency involves anyone under the age of 18 that has been charged with a crime.

What is the waiting period for Juveniles once they have been brought to the JAC?

The waiting period can be up to six hours.