E-Recording is the process of filing and recording documents with the Clerk of Court and Comptroller Official Records Office, via a third party vendor through the Internet, that would otherwise be sent by mail, express mail or courier service.

More than a trend in land record document submission, e-recording is a government priority. Federal (ESIGN) and State (UETA and URPERA) legislation has established the legal basis for secure electronic recording, and dozens of states and counties are e-recording official records today.


The document submitter prepares the document and converts it into an electronic image. The submitter then reviews the image for accuracy and submits it via the third party vendor/Internet to the Clerk of Court and Comptroller Official Records Office. Seconds after the document is sent, an audible chime notifies the Official Records deputy clerks that an e-Recording has arrived. A deputy clerk reviews the document image and accompanying data (fees, comments, legals, etc) and either rejects the document (returning it to the submitter via the web for resubmission, along with detailed comments) - or accepts the document for recording. Once the deputy clerk accepts the document, the image is electronically stamped and recorded. Seconds after the document is recorded, it is returned to the submitter and is indexed for rapid and convenient online retrieval.

Benefits to Submitter

  • Use existing equipment, if the submitter has a PC with high-speed Internet access and a scanner - no additional hardware or purchased software is required.
  • Vendor software is quick and easy to install and the system will be up and working in a matter of a few hours.
  • Secure, accurate, fee payment - use Automated Clearing House (ACH)- the same secure funds transfer network banks use, to automatically transfer taxes and recording fees from submitter to Clerk of Court and Comptroller Official Records accounts.
  • Increased document security - Once scanned within the privacy of your office, documents are encrypted and sent directly to the Clerk. No longer can documents be misplaced, damaged, or delayed en route. Most vendors verify data transmissions using hash algorithms to protect against tampering and corruption.
  • Increased staff productivity - Increases the productivity of staff by reducing document handling overhead associated with paper submissions.
  • Enhanced document tracking - Staff can track document workflow in real time.
  • Accelerated document delivery - Once the Clerk records the document, users can immediately retrieve a stamped image, issue title policies, and return files to lenders, reducing the risk and cost associated with the gap between document filing and recording.
  • Reduced document transmission fees - E-Recording with any of the available vendors is a cost effective alternative to courier fees and postage. The software provided through your chosen vendor also eliminates incorrect submission of fees and dramatically reduces costs associated with document rejection and resubmission.
  • Business Expansion - Most of the vendors supplying e-recording software allow e-recording with any enabled county in the United States.
  • Cost Effective - Vendors have proven that e-recording is the most cost-effective way of recording documents.

Bottom line - Not only is e-recording a more cost effective way of recording documents, but it also increases staff productivity and decreases business risk by enabling users to more efficiently and securely record their documents.

Leon County E-Recording Vendors

The Leon County Clerk and Comptroller's Office has approved five 3rd party vendors to submit documents for e-recording. The contact information for these three companies is shown below in alphabetical order. The Clerk's Office does not recommend a particular vendor, but strongly encourages customers to use the available e-recording services.

CSC - 1-866-652-0111 www.cscglobal.com
E-Doc Solutions - 1-888-973-3627 www.edocsrecording.com
ePN (eRecording Partners) - 1-888-325-3365 www.GOePN.com
Simplifile - 1-800-460-5657 www.simplifile.com